Terms of Use


  1. Welcome to the Ariel Dubinsky Law Office’s website (the “Website”).
  2. These Terms and Conditions regulate the terms of use of this Website (the “Terms and Conditions”).
  3. The Website’s privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.
  4. The viewing and use of our Website are subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the law. Any person viewing the Website or using its services (the “User”) affirms that by doing so, he has read all provisions of the Terms and Conditions and agrees to them and undertakes to abide by everything stated therein.
  5. It is clarified that these terms of use apply to any viewing and/or use of the Website on any end device, whether a computer or other communications device (such as a cellular telephone, handheld computer of any kind, etc.), whether on the Internet or on any other network or method of communication.
  6. The Website staff may from time to time modify the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and/or any other document that replaces it or supplements it in regulating the terms of use of the Website, at its exclusive discretion. Users are requested to refer to this page from time to time in order to view the updated terms of use.
  7. These terms of use are written in the masculine for the purpose of convenience only and everything stated herein is intended for female and male alike. Similarly, everything stated in the singular must be read as if stated in the plural, as applicable, and vice versa.
  8. The titles in these Terms and Conditions are nonbinding and non-exhaustive and are intended for the User’s convenience only.
  9. We note that if, at some future time, an empowered authority determines that any term in these terms of use is unenforceable or illegal, the other terms will remain in effect in their entirety.

Changes to the Website and Restriction/Termination of Service

  1. The Website staff may, at its exclusive discretion, at any time and without need for any prior notice:

10.1.  Block and/or restrict the viewing and/or use of the Website and/or any part thereof in any manner it
so chooses, including conditioning its viewing and/or use on registering in advance (including, for
example, by providing the User’s identifying information) and/or on subscription and/or any other
condition and/or process that it sees fit.

To the extent there will be a registration process through which a username and/or password is obtained in order to use the Website, the User must keep them secret in order to prevent their misuse and change his password as frequently as possible.

10.2   To stop operating the Website and/or any part thereof, whether temporarily or permanently.
10.3   To make changes and/or amendments and/or updates to the content of the Website and/or its
design, as well as to remove Website content and/or any part thereof.
10.4   The aforesaid is in addition to any right afforded the Website owner under these Terms and
Conditions and/or under the law.

The Website’s Content

  1. The Website is the law firm’s corporate website.
  2. The Website staff is entitled include advertisements and/or third-party offers as well as links to other websites on the Website and/or to enable their inclusion.

Links to the Website

  1. You may not link the Website to any website that includes content that offends public sensitivities and/or beliefs and/or websites that violate the law or whose advertising violates the law or that encourage unlawful activity (such as pornography, racist content or content that encourages discrimination, defamatory content, threatening content, etc.).
  2. You may not provide a link to Website content that is not the Website’s homepage (“Deep Link“) and may not display or advertise such content in any other way unless the Deep Link is to a page on the Website in its entirety as is, so that it may be viewed and used in a manner completely identical to its use and viewing on the Website. Accordingly, you may not link to content from the Website separately from the webpages on which they appear on the Website (for example – it is prohibited to directly link to a photograph or graphic file on the Website, and you may only link to the full webpage on which they appear). Similarly, the exact URL for the Website must appear in the ordinary place designated for such purpose on the User’s interface. You may not alter, distort, or obscure this URL and you may not replace it with any other URL.

Use of the Website

  1. The Website contains a field where you may leave your details. In order to accept a User’s details on the Website, you must provide complete details including physical address and email address.
  2. You may not use the Website for unlawful purposes.
  3. You may not copy and/or clone and/or transfer to another and/or broadcast and/or publish the contents of the Website and/or any part thereof. You may not use the contents of the Website and/or permit others to use them other than for the purpose for which they were published.
  4. You may not display the Website and/or its contents and/or any part thereof in any way whatsoever, including by means of any program, device, accessory, or communications protocol, that change the design of the Website and/or its contents and/or remove any part thereof, including advertisements and commercial content.
  5. You may not display the Website and/or its contents and/or any part thereof (including the Website’s name and/or its URL) on another website, including displaying such contents in a frame.
  6. You may not operate or permit the operation of any computer application or any other device, including robots, crawlers, or any other malware, for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying, or automatic retrieval of content from the Website. You may not create or use such tools in order to create a compilation, collection, or stockpile of content from the Website.
  7. You may not interfere in any manner with use of the Website by other users.
  8. You may not harm and/or interrupt use of the Website and/or the information published on the Website and/or its servers, including through interception.
  9. You may not attempt to circumvent and/or harm any security software on the Website.
  10. You may not use the Website and/or any part thereof for the purpose of hacking into any computer systems (including the Website’s own systems) and/or scan ports and/or distribute computer viruses or other malware and/or distribute chain mail and/or make use of the Website whose primary purpose is to overload the Website’s computer systems and/or prevent or harm use of the Website and/or any other website and/or any other use that is harmful to the Website and/or its users and/or any third parties.


Privacy Policy

  1. The Website staff understands the importance of protecting the privacy of visitors to the Website and respects their privacy while using the Website.
  2. The Website staff may, from time to time and at its exclusive discretion, modify the provisions of the Privacy Policy and it is the User’s responsibility to review changes to the Privacy Policy periodically. The Privacy Policy will apply to the personal details actively provided by the User.
  3. Any other information collected by the Website staff and/or received by it in relation to the User as well as any message, material, or content sent or uploaded to the Website by email or by other means including data, questions, responses, suggestions, and so forth, will be considered information that is not confidential and not protected by any rights whatsoever, will not be subject to privacy protection, and will be handled accordingly. All of the material broadcast or uploaded to the Website becomes the property of the Website staff who will be entitled to reproduce, publish, disclose, broadcast, and uploaded to the Website or to use the information in any other manner for any purpose whatsoever.
  4. The Website staff undertakes not to provide client/User information to third parties.
  5. The User confirms that the company has the right to send him messages and updates from time to time by electronic or digital means, email, SMS messages, or telephone messages.
  6. At the User’s request, the User may remove himself from the email distribution list used by the company at any time, under the law, but in such case the firm has the right to terminate his use of the Website immediately, without any prior notice or explanation.
  7. The Website staff reserves its right to collect any information relating to surfing and using the Website and the net, and to use this information to streamline and improve the system, its requirements, its operation, its contents, and so forth, subject to the firm’s Privacy Policy and the requirements of all laws.

Intellectual Property

  1. All copyrights and intellectual property in the Website and/or its design and/or the services provided therein and/or the pictures and illustrations and/or software/application/computer code/graphic files and so forth included therein and/or the trademarks included therein and/or its name and/or its domain name and/or any other content therein (the “Protected Material“) belong solely to the Ariel Dubinsky Law Office or to other third parties that permitted the firm to use them.
  2. May not copy, publish, distribute, publicly present, broadcast, transfer to a third party or the public or to make available to them, to process, modify, create or make derivative works, sell, or lease the Protected Material or any part thereof, whether independently or whether in collaboration with a third party, by any method or means (including electronic, computerized, mechanical, optical, photographic, recording, and other such means) without receiving prior written consent by Ariel Dubinsky and subject to the terms of such consent, to the extent it is granted.
  3. The publishing and/or inclusion of material on the Website and/or the User’s use thereof does not grant the User any right whatsoever in the Protected Material (including any license, trademark, patent, or any other intellectual property right).

Limitation of Liability

  1. The Ariel Dubinsky Law Office does not bear any liability with respect to and/or in connection with the content of the Website and is not responsible for the accuracy and/or inaccuracy and/or timeliness of any information and/or data and/or recommendation and/or suggestion therein, including advertisements and/or outside sources for which a link appears in the Website and any information and/or detail and/or data included in the Website in any manner whatsoever and/or stemming therefrom.
  2. The Ariel Dubinsky Law Office is not liable for any failure and/or malfunction and/or defect in the operation of the Website and/or interviewing and/or the use thereof and/or Internet and/or communication services and the like.
  3. The Ariel Dubinsky Law Office is not liable for damages incurred by a User and/or third parties as a result of use of the Website and/or the inability to use it, including resulting from the programs included on the Website or whose operation stems from the use thereof and/or websites for which links appear on the Website (such as viruses) and/or any other damage incurred with respect to and/or in connection with the Website and/or the use thereof, even if there is negligence on the part of the Ariel Dubinsky Law Office or if it has been made aware of the possibility of damages of this type.
  4. The viewing and use of the Website and its content are the sole responsibility of the User and the User agrees that he will have no demand and/or lawsuit and/or claim against the Ariel Dubinsky Law Office and/or the Website administration and/or any of their agents in connection with the use of the Website.
  5. The User undertakes to indemnify the Ariel Dubinsky Law Office and/or any of its agents with respect to any damage, loss, or expense incurred by it, including legal expenses, with respect to the breach of the terms of use and/or violation of the law by the User.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

  1. These terms of use and the use of the Website are subject exclusively to Israeli law, whether use of the Website is made in Israel or overseas.
  2. The courts of competent jurisdiction in the City of Tel Aviv, Israel, will have exclusive jurisdiction in connection with these terms of use and the use of the Website.